Divine Renovation Ministry exists to inspire and equip parishes to become missional.


Our Goal

To inspire and equip 35,000 parishes to become missional, and through them to bring 2 million people to Jesus every year within 10 years.

We are called to sow the seeds by invitation and must leave the rest to God.
— Fr. James Mallon

Why 35,000 parishes?

The Roger's innovation curve tells us that we can hit a tipping point in the church. If we can get innovators and early adopters to embrace being a missional parishes, the rest will follow. We need just 16% of parishes to become missional in order to change the Catholic church. That's roughly 35,000 parishes.

Will yours be one?

My favorite words when speaking about vision are: ‘Imagine if...’
— Fr. James Mallon

Parishes around the world are emptying, aging, sleeping, dying. It doesn't need to be this way.

Divine Renovation points a way forward. We don't have all the answers. But we believe we have many of the right questions. And we've experienced first-hand what it's like to be a missional parish.

Divine Renovation was birthed out of a real experience of renewal. Fr. James Mallon along with the team at Saint Benedict Parish in Halifax, Canada transformed their parish into a vibrant community of missionary disciples. Pastors, priests and leaders from around the world took notice. The Divine Renovation ministry with its events, books, coaching, and resources is a response to the incredible hunger for renewal. The ministry desires to inspire and equip every leader out there so that they can move their parish from maintenance to mission.

How Divine Renovation Ministry Works Towards The Goal


The Divine Renovation Network (DRN) is the way we invest most heavily in parishes. For parishes that join the DRN we assign them a coach who journeys with them and their parish for one or more years as they move from maintenance to mission.

The Divine Renovation Association (DRA) offers a way to get connected and equipped with fundamentals of Divine Renovation. Parishes that join the DRA get access to a library of videos that coach them through key topics on leadership and parish renewal. In addition they are part of a community that gathers online monthly for a live webinar with the Divine Renovation team.


The Divine Renovation eXperiences (DRX) are events that take place around the world. These events include conferences workshops, leadership retreats, keynotes and more. 

The Divine Renovation books published in several languages are a perfect start for parishes looking to see what is possible and to begin a journey from maintenance to mission.

The Divine Renovation Podcast is a free resource where Divine Renovation team that explores leadership, parish renewal and invites guests to share their experiences and expertise.