You are not alone.

The Divine Renovation Network is designed to accompany you as a pastor as you move your parish from maintenance to mission.

The Divine Renovation Network is intensive. It's hard. And it works. 

The Divine Renovation Network is for a Pastor and his team.

When you join the Divine Renovation Network you will be connected with a Divine Renovation coach. This coach will journey with you and your parish. We require a minimum commitment of 1 year, though we expect and hope that your commitment will be multi-year. Your Divine Renovation coach will be there to help you wherever you are in your transformation.  It's never too early to start. Your coach will help you:

  • Establish and communicate a vision for your parish
  • Build a balanced leadership team
  • Launch or improve your evangelization program like Alpha
  • Create a healthy and thriving volunteer or staff culture
  • Launch Connect Groups 
  • Discover ways to increase giving and commitment of parishioners
  • and so much more...

When you start, you will meet with your coach intensively for the first couple of months (nearly every week) as you get to know each other.  After the first few months coaching relationships move to bi-weekly meetings, often one with the Pastor + Coach and the other with the Pastor, Senior Leadership Team + Coach.

Your Divine Renovation Coach will work with you and your team via video conferencing technology. We use very simple systems, and pastors all around the world have found it very easy to connect and use, so technology is not a barrier as long as you have a half-decent internet connection.

In addition to working with your coach, Pastors get placed in a cohort with Fr. James Mallon, for monthly video meetings with fellow priests on the same journey. 

What makes us unique?

  • The Divine Renovation Coaches are all in a parish that has actually implemented Divine Renovation principles and seen the fruit of change. We value "lived experience" not just good theory. This approach allows our coaches speak with knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

  • The Divine Renovation Network isn't a course or a program. The Divine Renovation team doesn't show up, drop a bunch of theory and leave. Instead Divine Renovation Ministry comes alongside you and your parish and journeys with you. We deal with whatever challenges your parish, your volunteers, and your teams present. We accompany you so that we can celebrate the fruits of change alongside you.
  • We combine solid leadership principles, a focus on being missional, and the central role of the Holy Spirit.


Divine Renovation Network is subsidized by generous donors. Parishes currently pay a reduced annual membership fee of $10,000. For some parishes in our network this fee is quite small, for others it represents a significant investment. To date we have never had a parish unable to join for financial reasons as God has opened all the doors required. 


“I cannot overestimate the impact that the DR Network has had on me, our leadership, and our two parish communities. The book was an eye opener and got us thinking about identifiable priorities around making disciples. Individual coaching has helped me direct properly (perhaps for the first time in my priesthood) my focus and our energies. The coaching team has helped our leadership team to form (and reform!) so that we can pare away what wasn’t working and concentrate on and strengthening what is. The sessions with Fr. Mallon and my fellow pastors have been invaluable in providing perspective (and in nursing my wounds when I make a wrong step!). The other sessions with various staff members has helped spark discussions and ideas in different areas from administration to communications. In short, the DR Network has provided a framework to help us address the needs and challenges we face in revitalizing our parishes and making disciples.”
— Fr. Rob Jaskot St Francis – St. Mary Parish, Frederick County, MD
“When Fr. Paddy finalized our arrangement with Divine Renovation, I admit I felt a palpable twinge of scepticism, borne out of the consultant relationships I had experienced in my business life. “What do these guys really want other than additional income…?” God forgive me for that doubt, especially of our pastor, who I am coming to love and trust.
What I want most to express here…is that this relationship with Divine Renovation has been helpful to me personally beyond my wildest imagination. It has been eye-opening and instructive on a new and different level, which I hope and believe will make me a more compassionate, attuned and empathetic leader. The coaching has been of inestimable value to our Fr. Paddy who, at the age of 70, bolstered by courage and your support, is embracing change. How cool is that?!? You have touched each of us on the SLT in particular and significant ways, zeroing in on who we are and what we need to be a healthy and fruitful team. I think it is not an overstatement to say that as we move through the daily readings of Acts, we are able to see ourselves as the Church in Antioch, guided by the faith, wisdom and encouragement of Paul and Barnabas.”
— Jean Pankow Pastoral Associate Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel, NJ
“I’m so grateful to the Holy Spirit for raising up the Divine Renovation Network. The leadership coaching I have received as pastor has empowered me to lead out of a team instead of running from one activity to the next. Words fail to describe the level of excitement and confidence I feel in leading my parish more fully into mission. The Divine Renovation network is a solid win for pastors, ministry teams, parishioners, and those who will come to know Christ through our church. Thank you Jesus!”
— Fr. Dan Andrews Sacred Heart Parish, Norfolk, NE
“As a leader of a team, a staff and a parish, I have found the coaching I receive from the Divine Renovation Network (DRN) enables me to be a better pastor; honing my talents and gifts to lead more effectively at every level. I am blessed to have a leadership team that is a healthy, high functioning group that has spurred on the renewal of our whole parish. This team health could not have happened without the support, resources, encouragement and personalized coaching we get from the DRN team. In 16 months of being part of the DRN we have seen increased parishioner engagement, giving, and most importantly, spiritual growth. The DRN has allowed us to move further and faster along the road to parish revitalization than we could ever have hoped to on our own.”
— Fr. Michael Leclerc St. Ignatius of Loyola, Montreal, Canada