Coaching at a click!

Many pastors and leaders get excited by Divine Renovation after reading a book, listening to a podcast or attending an event. We want to help you!

Joining the Divine Renovation Association gives you access to a video library of content created by our coaches. Our Divine Renovation coaches speak into key issues which every parish face. This allows pastors, priests and lay leaders to implement Divine Renovation principles at their own pace.

Ready to take a step towards renewal?

What to expect:

  • 8-15 minute videos of Fr. James Mallon and other members of the Divine Renovation team coaching into issues of parish leadership, management, growth and renewal

  • New content is filmed every single week

  • Webinars with the Divine Renovation team tackling a parish leadership topic

  • A number of video series' that you can use for discipleship groups at your parish

Become part of something big...

Being part of the Divine Renovation Association will help equip you and your parish, and it signifies a desire to move your parish from maintenance to mission. Your membership fees help us to continue to make new content every week, as well as helping this ministry do its work around the world.

When you join the Divine Renovation Association you pay your annual membership fee of $1,200USD which gives you a login and password to the Divine Renovation Association site. Share your login and password with your team and other leaders in your parish.